Pellenc is a trend setter in the vineyard industry with Pre-Pruners, Electric Rotary Trimmers and Hand Tools. Vine Tech Equipment specializes in the service and customization of Pellenc attachments. Whether as an attachment to your Pellenc Multifunction tractor or as a retro -fitted attachment to your current tractor, Vine Tech is able to help you find and fit the right equipment to your needs. 


ID David Sickle Bar Trimmer

An ID David Sickle Bar Trimmer with a Rotary Tiller Behind

Clemens Leaf Pullers and Rotary Trimmers


The vine leaves are drawn in between a rubber roller and a perforated drum by a suction fan, removed from the vine and ejected from the machine.
Thanks to a parallelogram joint, the leaf remover glides gently over the grape area.
When used at the end of the flowering season, a fan blows the blossoms clean, i.e. the smallest flower parts are removed. This prevents the formation of nutrients that would allow fungi and bacteria to grow. With tractor hydraulics the leaf puller can rotate to either side of the tractor.


FA-MA Hydraulic Vineyard Loppers


FA-MA Hydraulic Vineyard Loppers are ideal for vineyard removal or reshaping. Able to cut through grape vine trunks up to 4" in diameter.