Vine Tech Equipment Multifunction Mast

Heavy duty mast with different attachment options and electronic controls with variable speed control.

Available in one or two row configurations with hydraulic height and width adjustment. 

Attachment Possibilities

  • Shoot Thinner

  • Sucker Remover

  • Drip-line Sucker Remover

  • Cordon Cleaner

  • Wire Lifter

  • Stake Driver

  • Concord Pruner

  • Sickle Trimmer

  • Rotary Trimmer

Vine Tech Equipment Vineyard Shoot Thinner and Sucker Remover 

Thins shoots from grape cordon while also mechanically removing suckers from the grape vine trunk.

  • Able to spin up or down

  • Spin up for shoot thinning and sucker removing

  • Spin down for sucker removing only

  • Can cover 15-18 acres per day

  • Operates at 2 mph

  • Performs 80-90% of shoot thinning

  • Can be mounted to existing Pellenc Mast or new MultiVitiMast

Vine Tech Equipment Sickle Bar Trimmer


Vine Tech Equipment's sickle bar trimmer can be customized to various different configurations to best meet your needs!

Can be used in vineyards, berries, olives, and more making it very versatile. It can also be mounted to loaders and skid steer buckets. 

Vine Tech Equipment Vineyard Weed Boom Sprayer

Vine Tech Equipment Concord Pre-Pruner


The Concord Pre-Pruner is a Pellenc Pre-Pruner plus a design by Vine Tech Equipment specifically designed for juice grapes such as Concord and Niagara. 

Vineyard managers have been very satisfied with quality job these pruners perform.  These pruners are great way to cut costs by greatly reducing hand pruning.

Vine Tech Equipment Raspberry Pruner


The Raspberry Pruner is designed to mulch raspberries that are mowed to the ground every year. 

Mulches canes to pieces that are 2-3 in.  Guards protect wires from being caught in moving parts.