Selectiv’ Winery Process: picks and removes stalks and leaf stems. 

This revolutionary picking device is combined with a roller sorting table in order to eliminate green waste.

Selectiv’ Process Winery is a linear destemming harvesting system which keeps berries and stems intact.

Pellenc’s two patented high frequency linear destemmers are linked to a  roller sorting table which enables  stems and leaf stalks to be removed.  In this way, the stems remain intact and 95% of the leaf stalks over 35 mm are removed. The quality of the resulting harvest is exceptional: only 0.18% waste

Adjustment is simple and quick, and the control can be guided with Selectiv’ Process Vision. For maintenance, cleaning takes around 30minutes thanks to optimized design.

The benefits from Pellenc’s technological lead and unrivalled level of performance will help you turn your best land to wine!

Pellenc Extractiv'

Extractiv' significantly improves the extraction of the film (anthocyanins, tannins and flavor precursors). The fermentation kinetics are faster and the risk of residual sugars at the end of alcoholic fermentation is greatly reduced. The color is stable in time with high intensities coloring (compared to a crushing roller). All of these results is made possible by fully open bays and a greater area of contact with the cells of the sub-cuticular film with the juice. 
The wines produced are aromatic intensity and a more complex structure. Usual distance settings have no place to be and harvest rates reach impressive capabilities. Trials conducted in 2010 and 2011 in partnership with INRA Pech Rouge, crushing levels are achieved important for flow rates up to 25 tons/hour, suitable for the whole range Selectiv 'Process. Only the ripe berries are trampled, as arrays in mature green or are not, which prevents herbaceous notes and bitterness.
Extractiv' allows a crushing fully adapted to the needs of each user who may favor the choice of a high percentage of juice dripping, high flow rates while reducing ... if necessary the maceration time (faster rotation of the winery with kinetics alcoholic fermentation faster) and stabilizing wine color over time. With Pellenc Extractiv', we are moving to improve enology accuracy.

High-frequency destemming combined with the roller sorting table enables the Selectiv’ Process Winery to gently destem and separate all green waste from the harvest. 99.8% cleanliness and whole berries!

Individual grapes fall through the grate while unseparated stalks enter the separators. The stalks and grapes fall onto the sorting table rollers. 
The guide rollers move the harvest, orientating the stalks so that they don’t fall into the separated harvest. 
The sieve rollers allow the grapes to pass through and eliminate the leaf and grape stalks



Pellenc Vision Optical Sorting

The separated harvest is guided onto the inclined belt which turns in the opposite direction the harvest in order to eliminate any small sticky waste. 
Grapes land on the rope conveyor which accelerates their movement to 2.4m/s and spreads them out individually. 
The grapes then pass under the vision unit where the camera continuously scans at a speed of 2000 grapes per second. The artificial intelligence instantly analyzes the image given by the camera in terms of the color and form. 
The waste ejection chute discharges the undesired grapes and waste as predetermined by the wine maker, whilst the chosen grapes are directed towards the tank or wine press